International English Language Testing System is an internationally recognized test for non-native English speakers .It is run by the developers BRITISH COUNCIL and IDP.Tech Global Consulting Line is well renowned for its quality classes and upgrade syllabus of IELTS. We have experienced trainers specialized in each of the modules of IELTS. We ensure that our candidates score high bands in this imperative test that decides your future of overseas education or immigration. It basically has two formats: General Training & Academic. While the General format is for those who wish to apply for Immigration or Work Visa; the Academic format, on the other hand, is for the students applying for Study Visa. IELTS is accepted world-wide. The highest bands score is 9 and the students have to attempt four modules: Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading. In Academic, Writing module has Essays and Graphs and there are long reading passages to solve in Reading module; whereas in General, Letters and Essays are in the Writing with small reading paragraphs to solve in Reading. Results appear in the form of test reports. Our key staff at Tech Global Consulting Line certainly helps with the Writing strategies and provides you with a plethora of vocabulary. Special classes for Reading are held every week at MTA giving important short-cut and time-saving strategies to attempt the examination in the allocated time period. Our number of expert trainers guides you through the grammar skills to improve your Speaking and also provides you with more ideas and content matter to improve your fluency. Listening special tips are given at Tech Global Consulting Line in order to enhance these skills and score high bands.